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What You Need to Know About Student Car Insurance

Unfortunately, many of us understand too well that young students can be expensive to insure. With their inexperience and hectic schedules, they are at risk for fender-benders and other types of accidents. It is a smart idea to get them insured with the best auto insurance there is. While it can be expensive, you can always find a way to reduce the premiums. But first, you should understand how insurers come up with your rates.


The location is one of the major determinants of a student?s car insurance. If your school is located in a rural area, then you?ll typically pay for lower premiums. Those that are in urban areas and big cities, on the other hand, will have higher rates.

Why are premiums higher in urban areas than rural, you might ask? The answer is simple. There are more cars, pedestrians, and other obstacles in urban areas. Thus, you are at an increased risk for accidents.

The Car

The type of car you drive can affect your car insurance rate. While you may look good driving your sports car on campus, your premiums could be a burden for you in the long run. Going for a larger vehicle instead is a smart choice. They are often safer and are usually less expensive to repair. What?s even better is that they also carry lower premiums.

It would seem as though insurers select and choose which models should have higher rates. But their reasoning is logical. Sports cars are charged with higher premiums because of their claim history and their risk of getting stolen. That is why minivans have lower rates although they don?t look sexy. Also, newer vehicles may also offer lower rates since they require less maintenance and have better safety features.

Frequency of Driving

How much you drive in a week or month can be a factor in calculating your car insurance rate. If you can prove to your agent that you?ll be driving much less, then you might be charged a lower rate. To further decrease your premium, consider staying on your parent?s car insurance policy if you can.

Even if you have left the nest, many insurers will allow you to stay on your parent?s policy if:

  • You are less than 25 years of age
  • You attend a school that is within 100 miles of your home
  • Attend a school more than 100 miles from home, but you only drive a car when you?re home for school breaks

The distance you drive in a year will also influence your car insurance rates. If you leave your car at home and not bring it to school, you?ll drive less. Consider using the mass transit, carpooling, or live on or near the campus if you can.

Driving History

The most important consideration regarding car insurance quotes is your driving history. While you are young, you belong to a high-risk category. And even a single speeding violation can raise your premiums significantly. Ensure that you have a clean driving record to get the best rate as much as possible.

Reliable car insurance is a necessity even for those who are studying far from home. While you want the most affordable car insurance there is, it would be best if you didn?t limit your coverage to your state?s minimum. Doing so may leave you at risk if you get into an accident.

Here at Velox Insurance, we offer car insurance for students at a reasonable price. Our agents will help you protect your car by finding the right coverage for you. You can contact us at 1-855-468-3569 or drop by at our office near you. You can also get a quote? and start saving money today!

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