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5 Unexpected Ways Drivers Can Get Lower Monthly Car Insurance Rates in Atlanta, GA

Most people know you can save money on auto insurance in Atlanta or just about anywhere else in the country by being a safe driver and bundling your home, auto, and life policies. You might also already know that you can get a discount for installing an anti-theft device in your vehicle.  What you might …

couple stranded on side of road by dead car

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Stranded with a Dead Car in Georgia

Warning lights flash all over your dashboard. The engine sputters. Gears grind. Then…nothing. You’re stranded at the side of the road and, of course, it’s the middle of the night.  If you’re a parent, it’s your worst nightmare. If you’re the driver of the disabled vehicle, you probably can’t stop thinking, “If only I had…”  …

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