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Affordable Commercial Car Insurance – Quick and Easy

A commercial auto insurance policy covers physical damages to business vehicles like cars, vans, and trucks. This is different from the type of auto insurance policies that cover personal vehicles. Business and commercial auto insurance is a separate item because of the high level of risk that goes with operating business vehicles. This coverage can apply to heavy equipment vehicles like semi-tractors and other large trucks. It can also apply to commercial trailers and other automobiles if they are used exclusively for business purposes.

If you are running a small to medium-sized business with two or more vehicles dedicated solely to business purposes, consider commercial fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is ideal for a business searching for coverage on any kind of motorized equipment such as vans, cars, trucks, tractors, tractor-trailers, buses, and SUVs. Many of these businesses are small trade companies that are looking for cheap fleet insurance coverage to keep overhead low as they improve the stability and/or scale of their businesses.

These policies usually include commercial auto liability, physical damage, medical expenses, uninsured motorists, and hired vehicle protection. Rates can sometimes be adjusted to reflect the busy and slow seasons where the level of risk is different. Business vehicles should always be insured to protect the company against claims.

Currently, Velox Insurance offers commercial car insurance in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. A Velox Insurance agent can help you find affordable commercial auto coverage for your vehicle. Call your local agent at 855-468-3569 or online to protect your commercial vehicle today!

Types of Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Below are some of the coverage options for your commercial auto insurance. Your Velox Insurance agent will help you assess which policy is best for your needs.

  • Collision Coverage – Collision Coverage pays up to the coverage limits for damages caused to your vehicle or a vehicle you are operating if it hits another car or object, or overturns. This type of coverage is typically required if you are financing your vehicle.
  • Combined Single Limit – Since liability policies usually offer separate limits that apply to bodily injury claims for property damage, a combined single limits policy provides the same dollar amount of coverage per covered occurrence whether bodily injury or property damage, one person or several.
  • Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage – This type of insurance provides coverage for damages to your vehicle or any vehicle in your custody resulting from incidents other than a collision such as theft, fire, vandalism, flooding, hail, or other perils. It is usually required if you have a vehicle loan.
  • Liability Coverage – Commercial auto liability insurance provides coverage to pay for another individual’s bodily injuries or damages to their vehicle or property that you are legally responsible for.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – If you and your passengers are injured or killed in an accident, medical payments coverage will pay for your doctor, hospital, and funeral expenses regardless of who is at fault. This type of insurance also covers you as a pedestrian if you are hit by a vehicle.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage – This type of coverage protects you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property with your vehicle. It also provides coverage for legal fees in most cases.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage – If you are in a hit-and-run accident or if you are in an accident with someone who does not have insurance, uninsured motorist coverage pays for pain and suffering that is not covered by medical, disability, and personal injury protection. Underinsured motorist coverage pays for bodily injury to you or your family if the person legally responsible does not have adequate coverage.

Get Discounts for Affordable Commercial Auto Insurance!

The cost of your commercial auto insurance varies depending on driving history, age, zip code, and other factors that will be considered. Fortunately, you have control over your insurance rates. Being a responsible driver and training your employees to be responsible can qualify you for lower rates at Velox. Aside from that, we also have the following discounts for you to enjoy!

  • Full Payment Discount

    Being in the business industry yourself, you more than likely already have an idea of how paying upfront can be helpful when you’re looking to save money on expenses. Velox Insurance has policies that include discounts to those who are able to fully pay their premiums.
  • Safety Devices Discount

    If your commercial vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brake systems and passive restraints, you could earn an insurance rate deduction.
  • Association Discounts

    If your business belongs to a certain association or organization, you might just be in for a treat! Contact our agents and see if you can get insurance deals to help you save on your insurance expenses.

Know more about deals and discounts by calling us at 855-468-3569 or visiting our office nearest you.

Why Choose Velox Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicles are vital for your business to run properly. Without them, you cannot deliver the goods and services that your clients are purchasing from you. That is why it is very important that you get the right protection from a reputable company. At Velox Insurance, we are committed to giving you reliable insurance coverage that is priced competitively. You will be able to enjoy flexible coverage that is tailored according to the needs of your business. Give yourself peace of mind and buy commercial auto insurance from us! Call us at 855-468-3569 or for more information about our insurance policies and coverage.

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Common Questions Asked About Commercial Auto Insurance

How does commercial auto insurance work?

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage to vehicles that are utilized for business purposes. It doesn’t only cover the vehicle itself, but the driver and passengers as well. Being a business owner, you may buy commercial auto insurance for one or more vehicles. We offer a wide array of optional coverage, allowing for more flexibility in terms of your needs.

Why should I get a commercial auto insurance policy?

You need to get a commercial auto insurance for any of the vehicles used for your business because your personal automobile insurance policy won’t be able to protect your commercial vehicles. It will also help your business in saving money from the costs of property damage, injuries, and other accidents. Aside from being vital to your business, commercial auto insurance is also required by law.

What is covered in a commercial auto insurance policy?

Aside from financially protecting your business, commercial auto insurance protects your employees in case of accidents. It also covers the vehicle, equipment, and the merchandise inside while in transit.

What types of commercial vehicles are included in the coverage?

All types of commercial vehicles are included in your commercial auto insurance coverage.

Purchase affordable commercial auto liability insurance online today. If you have more queries, you can contact us online or call 855-468-3569 to speak with an agent.

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