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Renters Insurance: Why It’s a MUST This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. And while it’s the season for giving, it’s also the perfect time for renters to add financial protection. That’s because there is nearly a 10% rise in theft during the Christmas season.

Some renters think that landlord insurance will protect them against theft. But in reality, it only covers structural damage caused by weather-related events or fire. Stolen possessions are covered only by renters’ insurance policies up to their limits. Here are more reasons why you should get renters insurance during the holidays.

Thieves often eye home deliveries.

Online sales are expected to surge during the gift giving season. Unfortunately, thieves are aware of that, and they?re quick enough to steal packages that are left when residents are out of their home. To prevent that from happening, make sure you arrange deliveries to a time that you are at home. To protect yourself financially, you must have renters insurance.

Renters have increased risk for theft.

It may be shocking to you, but renters often are at more risk for theft than homeowners ? whether they?re at home or away. That is why you should strongly consider getting renters insurance for financial protection

The incidence of theft increases when the clock strikes back to standard time.

When the clocks change back to standard time, we gain an extra hour of sleep. And while most of us rejoice to that, others are unfortunate enough to have lost their belongings. Studies show that robbery increases by 7% when daylight saving time ends. Thus, it would be wise for you to get renters insurance before then.

Whether or not it?s the holidays, renters insurance can help protect you from unforeseen events. For only a few dollars per month, you can save from the expenses of having to replace your lost belongings. Aside from that you?ll also have liability coverage and coverage for property damage.

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