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How To Maintain Your Car Air Conditioning

A car?s air-conditioner doesn?t only blow cold air. It actually eliminates the hot air inside the car cabin and releases it outside the car. For this to work properly, it relies on mechanical parts to operate. And like all car parts, they are prone to wear and tear and require servicing to prevent breakdown.

Regular air conditioner service helps promote passenger comfort, particularly during the hot summer time. But although summer?s already over, it is still helpful to know how to maintain your car?s air-conditioning system.

Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle?s Air-Conditioning (AC) System

  • One way to keep the AC system of your car healthy is to run it for a few minutes at least once a week. This helps make sure that the hoses, pumps, and valves are kept lubricated.
  • It?s a wise idea to have a full air-conditioning service annually. Do this before the start of the summer. That will make sure you won?t be caught out by a sudden heat wave.
  • Note that the AC is not usually included in a standard service. Thus, it can easily be neglected. While having your car serviced, ask your mechanic to check the refrigerant level. If necessary, re-gas the system.

Why It?s Important to Keep a Healthy Car AC System

Did you know that your vehicle?s AC system can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi? Being aware of this is particularly important for those who have asthma or allergies. A car specialist may provide you information on certain sanitizing treatments that will eradicate these contaminants. These treatments are made to protect you and your passengers by removing the musty odor that you can smell from the AC vents.

Servicing the AC System

The servicing of an air-conditioner may vary according to the climate. In most states, however, mechanics must be specially trained to give an AC service. Standard AC services include:

  • Drive belts- and pulleys- adjustment
  • Air vent temperature check
  • Valves and thermostat check
  • Condenser fins cleaning
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Leak test of lines and other components
  • Reclaiming or replacement of operating gas
  • Receiver drier or filter replacement
  • Hose inspection

Your car?s AC system is something that you shouldn?t neglect as it adds to the comfort of using a car. Have it checked and maintained regularly. What?s even more important is to protect your vehicle with insurance.

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