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Be one with the Millennials: Get Renter’s Insurance!

In the present times, more and more people are looking at renting as opposed to owning a house. The traditional idea of homeownership being the ?American Dream? is starting to fade, as millennials are beginning to opt for renting instead. Having to rent a place could mean having fewer things to worry about. Plus, today’s population seems to want to keep a proactive lifestyle where work-life balance can be made possible.

Although renting has become quite trendy, recent studies show that only 37 percent of renters have a renter’s policy. In most cases, renters assume that they are covered by their landlord’s insurance policy, but generally the landlord’s policy is only going to cover damage to the home itself – it won’t cover the tenant’s belongings.

Here’s why you should get a renter’s policy and protect personal items and liabilities.

1) ? It protects against losses or damages to your personal property such as clothing, furniture, and appliances.

2) ? Not only does it cover your personal items at home, renter’s insurance covers them whether they?re in your car or with you while you travel the world.

3) ? You want renter’s coverage for your electronics, too. Any standard renter’s policy will cover all of your spendy electronics.

4) ? Because of today’s modern technology, the possibility of having your identity stolen is becoming more and more common. Losses and damages incurred in such situation can also be covered by renter’s insurance.

5) ? It provides liability coverage that would protect you against lawsuits for any accidental injury or damage you or your family member may cause while in your home.

When you’re one of the millennials who would prefer urban living, consider getting renter’s insurance. Paying for affordable coverage on a monthly basis is much better than having to come up with a bunch of cash out of pocket when the unexpected occurs.

Let us help you protect your personal property. Velox Insurance continuously evolve to meet our client’s renter’s insurance needs in Atlanta, GA. Talk to us today at 770-293-0623 or visit us at our office. Get a free quote from us by clicking here.

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