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Boat Storage Tips for Winter

The coming of the winter season means you need to prepare your boat for storage. A quick and easy way to do that is self-storage. If your boat is still under warranty, consult the manual or the manufacturer?s website. And then decide how and where you?ll store your boat.

Make sure you have proper support for your boat while it?s out of the water. Hull supports are vital to ensure that the hull of your boat won?t be distorted or compromised. Have a support system ready before hauling out your boat to save time and make it convenient for you while preparing your boat for storage.


How to Store Your Boat Successfully


  • Before taking your boat out of the water, take it out for one more boat trip. Take note of anything you need to repair or replace before boat storage. The winter season is a good time to perform maintenance and to prepare your boat for the spring season. If the hull is damaged, fix it immediately as it can get worse while it?s in storage.
  • Remove bilge drain plug immediately once it?s out of the water. Scrub the decks and the hull of your boat thoroughly to remove barnacles, grime, gunk, and slime. Clean hulls and strainers and drain any water out by opening seacocks. Allow enough time for everything to dry before storing your boat.
  • Clean the interiors. Clean out the refrigerator from anything that can spoil or mildew during the winter. You also might want to leave interior lockers open for adequate ventilation. Consider placing mold control bags in the cabin and compartments, so there won?t be a bad smell as spring comes.
  • Prevent engine trouble. Your gas tank should be topped off, and a gas stabilizer must be added to prevent condensation. Run the engine for about 15 minutes to ensure that the additives reached the gas in the engine and fuel lines. Change your engine oil and replace filters as well. Don?t forget to check belts, clamps, and hoses. We suggest that you consult a qualified mechanic for winterization of your boat?s engine and fuel system as you plan to store your boat during winter.
  • Clean out other areas of the boat. While the mechanic is winterizing your boat for storage, you?ll have enough time to clean other areas like the head. Make sure that you flush it with enough fresh water and to pump out holding tanks.
  • Remove electronics and batteries, and store them properly. The battery terminals should be cleaned to remove corrosion and grease them lightly. Fully charge the battery using a marine battery charger and check fluid levels.


Preparing your boat for the winter sure is a lot of work. But if you want it to last long, this is the perfect time for routine maintenance. Keep in mind that if you neglect it, your insurance might not cover the damages.


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