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Will My Car Insurance Cover a Rental?

Driving a rental car doesn’t mean going without insurance. Here’s how to know if it’s necessary to purchase insurance for a rented vehicle.

Whether it’s to travel across the country or wait for a car to be repaired, there are many reasons car owners find themselves using a rental for several days or even weeks. During this time, make sure the rental car is properly insured and assess if additional insurance is necessary.

Review Existing Car Insurance Policy

Before examining the rental company’s insurance offerings, review personal car insurance coverage. In many cases, insurance will be duplicated, meaning it is unnecessary to purchase additional insurance through the rental agency. Many auto insurance policies extend comprehensive and liability coverage from a personal car to a rental car, particularly if it is of similar value to the personal car. Additionally, some credit card companies may fill gaps in coverage between standard and rental insurance, so be sure to check these policies thoroughly as well.

Compare to Car Rental Insurance

For the most part, car rental agencies cover their cars and customers with basic insurance. This coverage can include liability coverage, personal accident insurance, and personal effects coverage, which are often already covered in a personal car insurance policy. Many rental agencies also offer Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waivers. These aren’t insurance products, but, instead, waivers that transfer financial responsibility from the renter to the rental agency in the case of damage or theft. This may be additional coverage outside of an existing car insurance policy.

Decide Which Insurance to Purchase

There’s no one answer to the question of whether additional insurance is necessary while renting a car. It depends on how thoroughly the rental insurance and personal insurance cover one’s liability and safety. Therefore, before renting a car, car owners should decide what kind of coverage they want and determine if this falls within the rental and insurance agency’s services. If not, or in special cases, such as renting a high-end luxury or recreational vehicle, additional insurance may be required.

When it comes to feeling comfortable renting a car, having the right insurance can make all of the difference. Get a quote today for our car or other vehicle insurance policies by calling Velox Insurance at 770-293-0623.

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