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Safely Enjoy Your Next Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle Travel Tips

Before the weather cools down for fall, it is the perfect time to head out on your motorcycle for a couple more trips. No matter if you are headed to the next town, or crossing state lines, taking the time to properly plan for your trip can help to make sure that you can make the most of your vacation. Keep these travel tips in mind for your next motorcycle trip.

Know where to go

  • Book hotels ahead of time to get the cheapest rates. When planning out your route, look for hotels that are on the way so that you can make plans.
  • Once you have your general plan, let a few friends and family members know it. Having a few close friends knowing where you are going and when you will be back will help to make sure that they can call for help if necessary.

Pack wisely

  • Before you start packing, make a list. If you try to pack everything you need without making a list, you will most likely forget something.
  • Try to pack as few clothes as possible. Plan on wearing some of your clothes a couple of days in row or do laundry at some point to cut down on the clothes that you have to bring.

Stay safe

  • Evenly distribute the weight on your bike. Keep in mind that you will be carrying the weight much farther than usual, so ensure that you are properly balanced before you head out on the road.
  • Have the right equipment on hand in case something goes wrong with your bike, including your insurance card, repair kit, first aid kit, and emergency flares.

Most importantly, look over your motorcycle insurance policy to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage while on the road.?Contact?Velox Insurance in Atlanta, Georgia for all your motorcycle insurance needs.

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