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Top 5 Car Insurance Myths – How Many Do You Believe?

Car insurance is complicated enough already so it doesn?t help that there?s so many?myths floating around about it. We thought it?d be helpful to clear the air about the 5 most popular car insurance myths?our customers have about how their?insurance works.

How many of these did you believe?

Car Insurance Myth #1: If someone else has an accident while driving my car their insurance will pay for it.

Here in Georgia, the primary insurance coverage for any accident is the policy that belongs to the owner of the vehicle.

So next time someone wants to?drive your car don?t ask if they have insurance, it won?t matter. Think about?whether you’d want them listed on your insurance policy?because as long as they?re behind the wheel of your car they will be.

Car Insurance Myth #2: The more expensive the car the more?expensive the insurance.

While it?s true that more expensive cars usually do come with more expensive car insurance it?s not always the case.

The value of the car mostly affects the coverages that would replace the vehicle if it were damaged but your vehicle plays a much smaller role in the liability coverage, which covers damages to other vehicles you may be liable for.

Also, an inexpensive vehicle that has expensive parts and is difficult to make repairs to can also result in higher premiums.

Car Insurance Myth #3: Your car insurance rates change based on the color of your car

Car insurance companies look at a lot of different factors like your driving history, how much you drive, and the year, make, and model of your vehicles, but they don?t change your rates based on the color of your car.

So follow your heart and pick the color you like.

Car Insurance Myth #4: If my new car is totaled the car insurance will pay off everything I owe.

If your vehicle is totaled in an accident here in Georgia, insurance companies will pay the value of the vehicle when it was totaled, not the amount that?s owed on the vehicle.

Since?most new cars depreciate significantly as soon as you drive them off the lot, it?s easy to get your new car totaled and wind up still owing money on it. This is true even if you weren?t at fault for the accident!

There may be additional coverages that your local insurance agent can discuss with you that can help cover this gap in coverage. If you owe more than the present value of your vehicle it?d be a good idea to contact your local Velox agency and find out if your policy is eligible for any additional protection.

Car Insurance Myth #5: Whatever?coverage my friend or relative has will be right for me.

Just because car insurance is?complicated, doesn?t mean you should just buy whatever coverage?your friend or relative has. Car insurance exists to help you avoid a situation that could affect your current or future finances and the right amount of coverage varies based on a lot of things like your current assets, how much money you make, and how much you owe on your vehicle.

Talk to one of the licensed experts at your local Velox Insurance office today and we?ll make sure you have the right policy for your needs. Give us a call at 1-855-GoVelox or click here to get a quote today.

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