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Top 4 Things to Consider in Motorcycle Accident Claims

The success of a motorcycle accident claim depends largely on several factors. For one, if the motorcycle rider wants to be paid by the other party?s insurance they must prove that the accident and the injury happened because of the recklessness of the other driver involved in the accident. When it comes to no-fault auto insurance, the rules and regulations are different from one state to another.

Here are the top 4 factors that determine the success of a motorcycle accident insurance claim.

  1. The Insurance Company

It is best to inform your insurance carrier as soon as possible. You could get your claim rejected if you delay notifying your insurance company about the accident. You may ask a family member or friend to do the reporting for you if you are unable to do it. By doing this, you have a high chance of being successful when making a claim. Neglecting to notify the insurer may create a sense of dishonesty.

  1. Medical Records and Treatments

Regardless if you obtain serious or mild injuries, go to the nearest hospital and get yourself checked by a medical doctor. Sometimes, a victim experiences signs of psychological trauma only a few days after the accident. You also want to make sure you do not have internal injuries. Your medical records become your proof that you can show to the insurer, judge or jury in case of a claim or settlement.

  1. The Information About the Accident

In case of an accident, gather every detail about it as much as you can. If your body allows you, remember the scene in the aftermath, get the names of the witnesses, and take some pictures with a camera. You can ask someone to do it for you if you cannot do it yourself. Also, call the police so they can respond immediately and do their own investigation.

  1. The Right Type of Insurance

The guidelines about motorcycle insurance depend on the state you live in. But the majority of states are quite specific regarding motorcycle coverage. If you do not have the right coverage, your options will be limited in the event of an accident. This particularly applies in those states that use the no-fault insurance laws.

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