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How Going Green Can Help You Save On Your Homeowners Insurance

Green Home Insurance Discounts

The insurance world is jumping into the eco-conscious world, which is good news as a homeowner. Many insurance companies are starting to offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance premiums for those homeowners who use green technology when remodeling or building their houses.

Studies have shown that if you are a green homeowner, you are much more likely to perform the necessary routine maintenance that will help you avoid making a claim. Green homeowners are also more likely to be more affluent, which means that you will not miss your premium payments.

There are two types of homeowners insurance policies that are available for green homeowners. The first is for homes that already meet all the standards of a green home. The second is for homeowners who are currently making renovations to their house that qualify for the discount. For both types of policies, you can qualify for the discount by conforming to LEEDS (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) standards when you make any remodels.

Using eco-friendly and sustainable materials when remodeling, such as bamboo is one of the best ways to meet the LEEDS certification. Keep in mind that many of the upgrades that you may have to make to your house to meet green requirements will come with a larger upfront cost, such as solar panels, but will help you save not only on your insurance premiums but your monthly utility bills as well.

Having the right? homeowners’ insurance policy in place can help to ensure that your eco-friendly house is properly protected from any unfortunate situation.? Contact? the independent insurance professionals at Velox Insurance in Atlanta, Georgia for all of your home insurance needs. We will work with you to make sure that you are benefiting from all the right discounts to help you save as much as possible on your policy.

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