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Road Rage & How you can Avoid it

No matter how calm and patient you are, you may easily grow frustrated when driving on a congested road. While it?s easy to blame the traffic, studies reveal the cause of road rage lies within us. Drivers can cope by reflecting on their driving behavior and attempting to decrease stress levels behind the wheel.

Get enough sleep.

We all know how we tend to get cranky when don?t get enough sleep. It can easily give us feelings of annoyance and anger. To prevent this, we recommend getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day.


Try to loosen up and breathe deeply.

If you?re clenching the steering wheel tightly, try to flex your fingers and loosen your grip. If you have a cramped foot, set the cruise control if possible. If you?re on a long road trip, try to take a break every two to three hours to get out and stretch. Make sure you fill your washer fluid so you can easily see through a dirty windshield. From time to time, roll down your window and breathe slowly and deeply.


Plan your trips ahead of time.

Do you drive to an appointment with just enough time? Then you?re probably prone to lost temper. If you add about 10-20 minutes to your travel time, you?ll have enough time for gas or to navigate around a road construction or accident. Try to prepare the things the night before to minimize your time for morning routines. With extra time on your hands, you?ll feel calmer when you drive.


Choose the right kind of music.

It will make sense if you listen to relaxing music or a comedy channel while you?re on the road. Try listening to classical music or jazz to reduce stress, or listen to an audiobook instead.


Be kind.

Always remember simple courtesies like giving way to someone and apologizing when you make a mistake. Doing so will go a long way in making a positive driving experience for yourself and others. Treat fellow motorists the way you?d like to be treated.

Losing your temper may be inevitable sometimes. But if you plan ahead and keep things in perspective, you can prevent road rage from getting the best of you. Avoiding road rage will promote your safety, as well as your fellow motorists.

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