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At-Home Car Repair: Fixing and Removing Dents

Getting a dent in your car can be really stressful. Whether it?s from runaway shopping carts or parking mishaps, you?re probably wondering how you can get it out. While you can take your car to a body shop or mechanic for repairs, it can be really costly. Save yourself some money and do it yourself instead. There are a lot of ways of getting that small dent out of your vehicle without ruining your paint. Note, however, that not all tricks work on every vehicle. Here are some tips!

A Hair Dryer & Compressed Air can solve your Problem

Heat the car dent using a hair dryer set at the highest temperature. This will expand the plastic of the car. Once it?s hot enough, get the can of compressed air, turn it upside down and start spraying on the dent. The cold air from the can will cause the plastic to contract, popping out the dent.

Boiling Water is not just for Coffee

The easiest way to remove a dent is to reverse the object. But for plastic bumpers, that may be difficult because of how stiff they are. Fortunately, this issue can be solved using boiling water.

Throw the boiling water on the dent. As soon as it is poured, reach behind the plastic bumper and pop the dent back in. The heat of the water will make the plastic more flexible, thereby making the dent easier to remove. Keep in mind that the heat won?t last that long so you need to work quickly. If the dent isn?t totally removed, keep throwing boiling water on it until it?s done.

Creating a Dent Puller using a Pot & Vacuum Cleaner

A dent puller with enough power can be difficult to find. But why don?t you just create one by yourself? Make a small hole in the pot and tape the pot around the dent. Then, turn your vacuum on. The suction should pop the dent out if done properly.

The Plunger can be your Best Friend

The plunger isn?t only used for unclogging your drain; it can also be used for removing car dents. All you have to do is to splash water on both the dent and the plunger and start pushing and pulling it until the dent pops out. Note that you need to use a cup plunger (the one used for sinks) and not the one used for toilets.

Give these methods a try! If they don?t work, you might want to consider hiring a repair man for it.

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