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Flood Insurance Myths Debunked

Protect your home with flood insurance!

Weather patterns have been extreme recently. From extreme cold to heavy rains, natural disasters have been on the rise throughout the country. Make sure your home is protected from disaster damage with the right insurance. Contrary to popular belief, homeowners insurance doesn?t cover most natural disasters. Be sure to get flood insurance, and know the facts about qualifying for flood insurance.

Myth: Flood insurance is only for homeowners.

Fact: There?s a common misconception that flood insurance is only available if a mortgage broker requires it, but it?s not true. In reality, most anyone can buy flood insurance in NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) communities. It?s for homeowners, renters, and business owners.

Myth: High-risk areas prevent you from getting coverage.

Fact: As long as you?re in a NFIP area, you qualify for flood insurance. The program results from government initiatives to make flood insurance assessable to the public.

Myth: Homeowners insurance will cover flooding.

Fact: Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. You’ll need a separate flood policy. Be sure to look into exactly what your homeowners insurance policy covers. You may need additional coverage for other disasters, too.

Myth: If you have a history of flood damage, then you don?t qualify for a policy.

Fact: As long as your community is part of NFPI, then you?re able to get flood insurance. You definitely should invest in flood insurance if you?ve experienced flooding before.

Myth: Federal programs will help offset flood damage.

Fact: In order for government assistance to take effect, the flooding must be declared a Federal Disaster Area. However, the majority of floods are not deemed disasters. Therefore, you?re responsible for disasters. Even if Federal disaster coverage is provided, it doesn?t cover nearly as much as a flood insurance policy does, and you must buy insurance after the fact for future disaster relief.

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