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What happens when car insurance expires?

Driving without a car insurance policy is illegal in most states and is not advisable at all. One of the more common reasons you might end up driving without insurance and not even be aware of it is an insurance lapse in coverage. This happens when your policy expires and is not renewed before its expiration date. When you drive a car without insurance, you are putting yourself at a higher risk. If anything happens to your vehicle and you are driving with an expired insurance policy, you will not get financial coverage for any car damages.

You might be wondering what happens when my car insurance expires? Well, we have a list of compiled tips you must always keep in mind and what to do instead. So, let’s get started.

Get In Touch With Your Agent

It’s always a good idea to check your insurance card to make sure your policy is still active. If you notice that it has expired, do not worry. The next best step is to get in touch with your insurance agent immediately. Your Velox Insurance agent can save you time and money by assisting you with renewing your policy. It is crucial that you contact your agent as soon as possible to avoid paying a higher amount for renewing an expired insurance policy later.

Renew your policy online.

It is easy, can save you time, and is convenient too. All you need to do is visit your car insurance company website, enter your policy details, and apply for the renewal payment.

Furthermore, if you are somewhere in Georgia and in the verge of switching auto insurance companies, Velox Insurance brings together the right coverage from Georgia’s top insurance carriers with the localized customer experience people want.

Avoid Driving Your Car

Do not drive a car if your insurance policy is expired. Driving a car without insurance means you are putting yourself at a higher risk, and it can lead to devastating financial ramifications. Suppose you have an accident while driving without insurance. In that case, you may have to pay for the damages to others and their vehicle, in addition to being responsible for covering any damages you incurred in your car.

Keep Your Documents Handy

After you have decided on which policy you would like to purchase, it would be wise to know the documents that are required for renewal and keep them handy. When it’s time to renew, it will be helpful to have the previous year’s policy information, as well as a copy of your driver’s license and vehicle registration number (VIN). To ensure a fast and smooth renewal process, you should also have your vehicle’s details handy. These could include the city where your car is registered, the initial registration date, and the auto company’s name and model number.

Set An Appointment For Vehicle Survey

If your insurance policy has expired, the insurance company may send a representative to review your car condition before approving your car insurance eligibility. It is always recommended you book an appointment as early as possible to avoid further delay and increasing costs as inspection may be chargeable. In case an inspector finds significant damages during the examination, the insurer may deny you coverage. If damages are minor, that area might not be included in the coverage of the policy.

Be More Careful in the Future

It is always recommended to pay on time to avoid an insurance lapse. Delaying payment can compel an insurer to cease your coverage and even likely raise your rates. So make sure you pay your premium on time to avoid a policy lapse.

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