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Car Insurance for Divorced Parents with Teenagers

Going through the process of divorce is challenging enough for your family as it is. If?you already have teenagers who can drive you surely don?t need more difficulties?by setting up?the right insurance coverage. Divorced parents should take note of these details when considering?car insurance for their teenage drivers.

One or Two Insurance Policies?

Divorced couples are required to have separate auto insurance policies. However, the number of policies that would cover your teen driver will depend on your insurance company. In this the case, you have to consult your agent about their procedures regarding this situation.

Parental Custody Considerations

If you have custody of your?child and he ?uses the car regularly, it?s important that you include his name under your insurance policy. The same goes if your ex-wife or ex-husband has the primary custody – the teen driver?s name should be included in their insurance policy.

On the other hand, if you have joint custody over your teenage driver, both parents should add his name to their individual auto insurance policies. It’s essential especially if he has the access to drive the cars regularly.

When in doubt, if the child has access to drive your car they should be on your policy.

For teen drivers who are lucky to have their own cars, it?s usually most affordable to have the child and his or her vehicle included in one of the policies with their parent however that might not always be the case. At?Velox Insurance, we can guide you on how to choose whether one policy or two is optimal for you and your teen driver.

Something to Avoid

To save money, some divorced parents try not to include their teen driver in any of their insurance policies. Unfortunately this decision is putting you and your child at risk. In case of an accident there may be issues if it looks like you purposely avoided adding a child that should have been listed on your policy.

Get All the?Discounts

There are lots of ways to get insurance discounts from your carrier?and every discount is important when it comes to insurance rates for teen drivers. Make sure?your teen driver completes a safety driving course. Discounts are sometimes?available to?teen drivers who get good grades. Talk to your insurance agent to find out more about the discounts available in your situation.

Set the Right Example

Show your kids how to drive responsibly and safely. Being their role model inside the house and on the road will help you set the rules. Don?t let your child use the car without asking for permission. You might want to?control the keys for the first twelve months after they obtain their license. Setting the rules and making sure that your young driver follows will help you ensure their safety on the road.

Know your options and the best insurance policies by checking with one of our agents. Here at Velox Insurance, we will provide you the right coverage for the right situation. Call us today at 1-855-Go-Velox. You can also click here to contact us and learn?more about our programs for divorced parents of teen drivers.

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