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4 Types of Airbags and their Functions

The collision repair industry is huge; there is a constant stream of collisions and cars that need to be fixed. A big part in collision repair is fixing the vehicles and fixing the airbags. The goal of an airbag is to slow the driver or passenger?s forward motion.

There are various types of airbags, and they are located throughout the vehicle.

1. Side Airbags
These are usually located in the backrest of the seat, and inflate between the door and the seat occupant. Side airbags are estimated to reduce serious chest injuries in side-impact collisions by approximately 25%. There are 2 types of airbags. First is the torso airbag which protects your torso and the second is the curtain airbag which deploys from the car ceiling protecting your head.

2. Front Airbags
Typically deploy from the steering wheel to protect the driver from striking other parts of the car in a frontal crash. Drivers? airbags are designed to be used in conjunction with seatbelts and does not offer protection in the event of a side impact crash.

3. Knee Airbags
These are installed in the lower portion of the dashboard, directly in front of the passenger’s knees. When a collision occurs, they inflate to fill the space between the dashboard and the passenger’s lower legs.

4. Inflatable Seat Belt
This technology functions much like an airbag and was designed to protect the fragile bones of back seat passengers, like children and the elderly, who are more vulnerable to head, chest and neck injuries.

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