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Tips On Reducing Your Commercial Vehicles Fuel Consumption

Fuel can take up to about 30% of the total operational costs of a commercial vehicle. Thus, improving fuel efficiency should be prioritized by fleet managers to save money.

There are new technologies nowadays that enhance fuel consumption. However, to fully reap its benefits, your drivers should also be taught to reduce fuel usage. Your drivers’ driving style can make a big difference in fuel consumption. Therefore, making them efficient drivers will reduce operating costs and contribute to road safety. Here are some tips you should teach to them to save on fuel!

No unnecessary idling

Idling wastes fuel. Turn off the engine if it’s not in use or when you’re stationary in heavy traffic. Not only will it save more fuel, but it also reduces air pollution as well.

Drive consistently and within the speed limit

Everyone knows following the speed limit is important. Aside from keeping the speed in range, managing a consistent speed is also safer and much more fuel efficient.

Utilize the vehicle’s momentum

With a modern vehicle, fuel won’t enter the combustion chamber anymore once you take your foot off the gas. Using speed gathered through acceleration, you can step off the accelerator to save fuel. This can happen when you’re going down a hill or rolling to a stop at traffic lights. Watch out for traffic conditions ahead so you can anticipate changes in speed. Note that it is more fuel efficient to keep vehicles rolling slowly than to accelerate from a complete stop.

Smart use of gears

Each time you change gear upwards, you can reduce fuel consumption. Thus, keeping your gear as high as possible is practical. The quicker you reach the top gear, the less fuel is utilized.

Smart control of the clutch

Minimize the revs by using your clutch intelligently. Note that unnecessary revving causes increased fuel consumption and extra wear on the engine.

Take it easy on the breaks

We all know that harsh braking consumes more fuel due to increased acceleration and gear changes. Reduce the number of times drivers apply heavy brakes with the following:

  • Be alert on the road
  • Anticipate potential road hazards
  • Take preventive measures

Check the tires regularly

Low tire pressures can waste fuel. Make sure your tires are of optimal pressure with good grip to operate safely and save fuel.

Educate your driver and reinforce these tips as they go about your daily business. Not only will these tips help you save money, but it promotes safe driving as well.

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