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When Tailgating Takes a Turn for The Worst

Are you ready for some football in Atlanta, GA?

Tailgating is a?fun way to enjoy a football game! It is where you face rival fans at an away game and enjoy some good food, beer and, of course, the game!

However, when enjoying the tailgating event, you ? and your car ?are exposed to many risks. Use these tips to stay safe during, and after, the game!

  • If you are grilling during the game, bring a fire extinguisher.
  • Hide valuables from being in sight in your car or remove them. Car theft is common while everyone is focused on the game.
  • When leaving the tailgate, be sure all glass bottles or any other hazards are not in your way to drive over.
  • Never drive if you have been drinking. If you plan to drink, make sure that you get a lift from someone else or bring along a designated driver.

You may have food, drinks, a TV, and a generator covered, but is your car? You may face limits and exclusions that you are not aware of! Review your insurance and check:

  • Does your car insurance cover non-moving accidents?
  • What if your food grill damages your car?
  • Do you have coverage against vandalism?

Thoroughly enjoy your game and socializing without a worry of lack of coverage! Find unbeatable auto insurance in Atlanta, Georgia at Velox Insurance. Good insurance allows you to overcome any loss and our insurance agents will work with you to provide the best insurance all round! Contact us to get started!

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