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Squealing Brakes are Serious

When you first drive your car in the morning, you may hear your brakes squealing ? especially after rain or snow. That happens when the surface rust is being scraped off the rotors the first few times the brakes are applied. It shouldn?t be worrisome when it goes away after a few brake applications. But what if the noise doesn?t go away?

If the noise persists while you?re driving, it is often a dangerous situation, and it needs fixing. Have it checked by your mechanic as soon as possible. When left unattended, it may have grave consequences and repairs may become very expensive.

High-Pitched Squeal

A continuous high-pitched squeal while driving indicates that the brake pads need to be changed. As you use your car, the pads get thinner and worn. That causes a small metal tab to get in contact with the rotor. Other cars may have a different way of telling you when the pads need changing; a high-pitched squeal may usually be heard only when you apply the brakes.

Grinding Sound

A grinding sound also indicates worn pads. This is usually heard when the backing plates where the pads were mounted are squeezing against the rotor. The metal-to-metal contact doesn?t only mean that the pads need to be replaced, but the rotor as well.

Other Squeals and Squeaks

Other squealing and squeaking sounds indicate a need for a brake inspection. They may indicate the need for adjustment, cleaning, and lubrication, or possibly new parts. More often than not, they are usually caused by loose or worn parts.

For instance, a rotor that is warped (unevenly worn) won?t let the brake pads press flatly against the rotor when brakes are applied. That causes certain vibrations, creating noise. ?Another possible instance is that the pads aren?t mounted snugly, or the shims that hold them in place have become loose. Loose or sticking calipers can also create noises while driving.

Noises can also be caused by the pads themselves. According to several car experts, bargain-bin pads are more likely to cause noise than high quality and more expensive pads.

Since there are many possibilities, and because the brakes are important safety features, it would be wise to have it diagnosed by the experts. Doing so will help protect you from preventable events like collision due to improper maintenance.

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