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Do I Need Extra Insurance for The Rental Car?

Find out if your rental car needs added Atlanta, GA auto insurance.

Anyone who has picked up a rental car before has been asked the question, ?Do you want insurance with that??. Most travelers, when faced with that question from the rental representative, have the vague notion that they don?t really need to buy rental car insurance. The remainders make a quick decision to buy insurance, just to be safe.

So, do you need rental car insurance or not? Truth be told, there isn?t a one-size-fits-all answer!

Typically, car rental agencies will offer you the following types of insurance to purchase:

  • Collision damage waiver ? The rental car company won?t charge you for ?damage or a stolen vehicle.
  • Supplemental liability protection ? Electing this will ensure you?re covered for costs to others if you cause an accident in the rental.
  • Personal accident insurance?Pays for injuries or death of the driver and passengers of your rental car.
  • Personal effects coverage?Reimburses you for stolen personal items while renting the car.

Existing Auto Insurance
It may be likely that your current policy will provide the same level of coverage for your rental as it does your own car. While some insurers will allow your liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical payment insurance to carry over, others will have exclusions. Talk to an experienced insurance agent for a quality coverage for you.

Existing Health Insurance
You may already have a sufficient amount of health insurance coverage so that you need not purchase additional insurance, should you get hurt in an accident in the rental car. Bear in mind that your deductible and policy limits will still apply.

In the event something does happen to the rental car, you may be looking at a loss of use fee. Loss of use is the expense that the rental agency loses due to the vehicle being in the shop for repairs.? This may not be covered in your regular policy.

Before heading out on the road on your rental car, choose what coverage you should attain so that you are protected. Contact Velox Insurance for the most suitable insurance and coverage for you in Atlanta, Georgia, all at the right price!

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