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It’s National Blood Donor Month

Give back to your community during National Blood Donor Month!

January is National Blood Donor Month! In 1970, National Blood Donor Month came into being due to a blood shortage. Today, this month is a time to recognize the heroes in your community or become one yourself! Every pint donated saves up to three lives, so get out and donate! Here?s what you should know about blood donation.


Before you decide to head over to blood bank, make sure that you?re eligible to give! Restrictions are placed to ensure both you and recipients of your blood?stay healthy.

  • Age. Most states will let you donate at age 17, with a few that will allow 16-year-old donors. Parent consent is necessary for minors.
  • Weight.?You must be at least 110lbs in order to donate. Any lighter, and donating could be harmful to your health!
  • Travel. If you?ve traveled recently you may be ineligible to donate. Certain regions pose a risk for illness that affects the blood like malaria.
  • Tattoos & Piercings. If you?ve gotten a tattoo or piercing recently, hold off on donating. Health officials want to make sure you don?t have any infections before you donate.
  • Medications. Certain medications may prevent you from being able to donate. Check before you go.
  • General health. You must be in good health to donate. If you?ve been feeling under the weather, hold off on donating until you feel better.

Be sure to check the eligibility requirements for more specifics on donor restrictions.

The Process.

Once you?re ready to donate, you?ll go through the following process.

  • Registration.?When you arrive you?ll need to check in and fill out a few forms.
  • Health Check Up. Just to double check that you?re in good health, you?ll undergo a mini-physical and will have to review your health history.
  • Donation.?It?s a quick process and sterile equipment is always used!
  • Snacks.?After you donate, you?ll get snacks and drinks to ensure you refuel.

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