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Your Guide To Motorcycle Insurance

What to know about motorcycle insurance!

As a motorcyclist, you need insurance for your vehicle. There are a variety of types of motorcycle insurance coverage and wading through all the options can be difficult. Here?s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance coverage.


This is your basic coverage. You are mandated by law to hold liability coverage when operating a vehicle. ?This type of policy covers injury and property damage in the event that you cause an accident. This policy only covers damage caused to other people and their property. In the event that you need to pay your own medical bills or repair your bike, you would pay out of pocket if you only carry liability coverage. Double check to see whether or not your policy includes passenger liability, too!


This policy covers your bike! In the event that you cause an accident, your motorcycle?s damages would be repaired on the insurance company?s dime. Just be aware that the you would still have to account for your deductible.


This policy is best if you want to protect your motorcycle from risks other than a crash. Under this policy your bike is covered in the event of fire, theft, or vandalism. Be aware that the same deductible rules outlined in collision coverage also apply to comprehensive coverage. Also, the policy usually only covers standard parts. If you?ve customized your bike, the additions likely aren?t covered.


While you may be a responsible, law-abiding citizen, not everyone follows the rules. There are plenty of drivers on the road who are uninsured. This type of policy protects you in the event that the other party(/ies) involved in an accident don?t have insurance. It will protect you by paying for medical treatment, damages, and even lost wages.

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