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10 Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Stay safe over the holiday with reliable auto insurance in Atlanta, GA.

How are you spending your Thanksgiving Day? Perhaps you’re heading to Grandma’s cottage, your friend?s lake house, or a city event. It is estimated that more than 40 million Americans will be traveling a minimum of 50 miles to for Thanksgiving celebrations.

While we look forward to spending time with friends and family on this day, travel can quickly grind our plans to a halt. Before you hit the road this Thanksgiving, review these tips for the ultimate travel safety!

  1. Leave work early. Consider using your vacation time to leave a couple of days early or get back later so that you miss most
  2. Take a long way. Take an alternative route that is less likely to be full of other drivers. Enjoy the scenic drive!
  3. Charge up. If possible, ensure that you have your charging cords for your smartphone and navigation system so that you?ll never be lost!
  4. Supply snacks. So that you are not making lots of pit stops, pack snacks and water!
  5. Remember coins. You may approach toll booths, so be prepared.
  6. Car check-up: Have your local mechanic inspect your car to be sure that the car is in good working order.
  7. Rest! For those who are driving long distances, ensure that you periodically stop to stretch your legs.
  8. Avoid distracted driving: Always focus on the road. Never eat, send texts, or make phone calls while driving!
  9. Keep a safe distance: Leave enough space in between you and the car in front. If there is adverse weather, leave more room as your stopping distance can be doubled.
  10. Remain calm: Don’t drive with road rage!

Additionally, take the time to review your car insurance before you hit the road. Get the quote form here. You may consider adding breakdown coverage or increasing your other coverages prior to taking a long trip.

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