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Florida State Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements (2021)

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In Florida, drivers have to prove and cover their financial responsibility before they can drive. It means when you register for your car at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles – you will have to prove your financial responsibility. You can show your insurance policy’s declaration page, self-insurance certificate, or insurance card.

It may sound like an exhausting process, but it ensures the safety of other drivers and vehicles on the road. The best way to meet minimum requirements is to purchase an auto insurance policy in Florida. The policy allows drivers to cover the cost in case of an accident.

In Florida, drivers can get personal injury protection and property damage liability. In PIP or personal injury protection, you can get a minimum required limit of $10,000 per car accident. Conversely, the PDL insurance coverage also has required minimum amount of $10,000 per accident.

Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements in Florida

Whether or not you’re at fault, you can expect auto insurance coverage to kick in to cover the cost. So long as your vehicle’s insurance coverage meets the requirements of Florida, you’re free to drive legally. If you become the cause of an accident in a state of influence that results in multiple injuries, you will have to adhere to additional requirements outlined by the Florida state.

Whenever you decide to get auto insurance coverage in Florida, your policy should include property damage liability and personal injury protection.

PIP – Personal Injury Protection

The crucial aspect of PIP is that it covers 80% of medical bills for at-fault car drivers in Florida. Although drivers cannot increase their current coverage limits, it is still a good idea to buy $10,000 that covers the cost of each accident.

Moreover, PIP also comes with $5,000 disability and death benefits. Essentially, this policy reimburses the drivers for at least 50% of lost wages if they don’t have the funds to cover the cost of injuries.

Remember that each amount limit comes with a $10,000 maximum limit for an insurance provider that becomes responsible to cover the cost of an accident. Furthermore, these benefits are applicable to other family members so long as they have a separate insurance policy.

PDL – Property Damage Liability

PDL covers the cost of property repairs after a car accident. In Florida, the minimum required amount is $10,000, but drivers can boost these limits at any time of the year. In simple terms, if a driver causes an accident, the other car driver’s insurance provider will have to cover the cost of replacements or repairs.

Minimum Florida State Requirements for FR-44 and SR-22 Policies

If you’re involved in a severe accident while in a state of influence, Florida state will require you to get additional insurance coverage to increase your current limits in order to meet the financial responsibility law set forth.


When a driver crashes a car that seriously hurt or kills another driver, you will have to reach out to your insurance company for an SR-22 form. It’s a form that insurers file on behalf of the policyholders. SR-22 form makes sure that your auto insurance policy aligns with state-mandated requirements.

Florida also requires drivers to buy bodily injury liability insurance coverage along with property damage liability coverage. In each policy, you can expect different limits in Florida.  The required amount is $10,000 per accident in personal injury protection.

When it comes to property damage and bodily injury insurance coverage, drivers can select a $30,000 limit per accident or divide the coverage amount. A split insurance coverage policy requires $10,000 for BDL per person, $10,000 for PD, and $20,000 for BIL.


In Florida, if you get caught driving under an intoxicated state, the state will require you to improve your current insurance coverage limits to at least 10 times.

  • In property damage, Florida requires $50,000 for PD per accident.
  • In bodily injury coverage, Florida state requires $100,000 for each person and as well as $300,000 for each accident.
  • The additional required limit for PIP is $10,000 per car accident

Additional Coverage and Different Auto Insurance Options in Florida

A well-thought-out and extensive insurance policy come with a variety of coverage options. In Florida, drivers have the freedom to increase their protection limit through bodily injury liability. In Florida, the minimum limit to avail bodily injury liability coverage is $10,000 for each person and $20,000 for a single accident.

Ideally, you should increase the limit to receive reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses.  If you live in Florida, there is a good chance your insurance provider will offer you increased limits on the insurance coverage. On the other hand, PIP serves as supplemental coverage in Florida. But it’s perfect to cover 80% of medical charges for drivers that cause an accident. 

Wrap Up

Just like other states, Florida drivers can also purchase a variety of auto insurance coverage options. The major types of auto insurance in Florida include collision, comprehensive, medical payment towing, rental reimbursement, accidental death, and uninsured motorist insurance coverage.


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