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Teen Driving Tips & Car Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Keep your teen driver safe with these tips and car insurance in Atlanta, GA!

Letting your child grow up isn?t easy. You always want to be there to protect your child, and letting your child start to drive can be nerve-wracking. ?Make sure your child is safe behind the wheel with these teen driving safety tips and car insurance in Atlanta, GA.

Help your child practice.

Practice makes perfect. Because your child is inexperience when it comes to driving, it?s important to practice. Support your child and go driving with them frequently at various times of the day. That way they?ll practice driving in various conditions which will ultimately help them to be better drivers.

Set an example.

Just like they learned to walk and talk, kids learn how to drive from their parents. Whether you?re conscious of it or not, teens tend to emulate their parents’ driving behavior. The best way to help your teen become a better driver is to lead by example.

Avoid distractions.

Distractions are major no no?s when it comes to driving, especially when you?re inexperienced. Encourage your teen to focus on the road. Turn off the music, put the cell phone away, and don?t drive with friends in the car.

Be alert.

Make it clear that your teen is never to drive while drowsy or intoxicated. Make sure your teen is alert when driving and follows all the rules of the road.

Create a parent-child contract.

Consider keeping a parent-teen driving contract. In the contract you?ll outline what you expect from your teen. From good grades to zero-alcohol tolerance, you?ll be able to lay everything out on the table to make it clear that driving is a privilege. Reserve the right to take away driving privileges should they break your agreement.

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