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Avoiding the 4 Most Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

There’s little doubt?that when it comes to investments, most people consider their home to be their biggest. You spend?thousands of dollars a year not only on maintaining the property itself but also on mortgage payments, taxes, insurance ?and even the furniture that you have to put in.

Having the right?homeowners insurance?is obviously extremely important in the even that you need it,?but there’s a lot you can do to avoid ever needing to file a claim.

Below are the top causes for?homeowners insurance claims along with some quick?tips on how to prevent the causes of each home dilemmas on the list.

1) Fire

There are various causes of fire that can?result in home destruction. Learning even the most basic fire safety procedures can save your property from damages. Here’s a few resources we recommend to our clients in order to avoid fires in the home:

2)?Heavy wind, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Extreme wind conditions can cause massive damages to your property. Without proper insurance, it would be a significant burden for you and your family when you have to start fixing everything all over again. Here’s a few resources we recommend for protecting your home from wind damage:

3) Hail

Whether small or big pieces, once the heaven starts dropping hail, it can immediately cause damages to your home. You should have the right insurance coverage for this kind of natural disaster to ensure your family?s protection. A few things that you can do to help prevent or mitigate hail damage to your home are:

  • Impact-resistant roofing shingles. ?There are more hail-resistant types of asphalt shingles, often?called Class 4 roof materials. Ask your roofer about it the next time you’re having your roof fixed.
  • Impact-resistant windows and doors. While more expensive , the decreased?risk of broken windows in damaging winds can be worth the investment.
  • Storm and hurricane shutters you can?manually activate when a storm approaches.

4) Water

Water damages aren’t limited to flood alone. Good homeowners insurance also protects your home from water damages caused by leaking pipes or damages brought by nearby sources like river or lakes. Water damage can be very tricky when it comes to insurance coverage so make sure you talk to your agent about what’s covered on your policy. Here are a few resources to help prevent water damage to your home:

You can try to prevent these home problems yourself, but there are times that you could use some help from the right homeowners insurance coverage.

Here at Velox Insurance, we will help you understand what coverage options you can have and what are the inclusions on a standard homeowners policy. Get a quote from us now by calling 855-468-3569, filling out an online homeowners quote form here or contact one of our local agencies near you!

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