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Roadside Safety: Tire Maintenance & Auto Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Maximize your tire life and invest in auto insurance in Atlanta, GA!

Your tires are arguably the most important part of your car. Make sure you stay safe on the road with these tire maintenance tips and auto insurance in Atlanta, GA.

Tire pressure.

Tire pressure is key to safe driving. If your tire pressure is either too high or too low, you can face serious tire damage that can prevent you from driving. Frequently check your tire pressure and invest in a pressure gage. You should conduct a monthly pressure check and check the pressure prior to any long trips.


Have your tires rotated regularly. Your tires are worn?out?differently so rotation will help to extend their life. Makes sure to have them rotated every couple months or every 50,000 miles, but it?s best to check the tire manufacturer’s recommendation.

Drive Slowly.

The faster you drive, the more wear and tear you put on your tires. This stress can cause tires to lose air, or even explode. Make sure to drive at slower speeds to protect the life of your tires.

The penny test.

Traction is another safety factor that your tires provide. However, over time your tire tread wears and your tires lose traction. When they lose traction, they reduce vehicle control and increase your risk for an accident. Make sure your tire tread is in good shape by conducting a penny test. Take a penny and place it head down in the groove of your tires. If you can see Abraham Lincoln?s head, then your tires are worn and need to be replaced.

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