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7 Fleet Maintenance Tips to Save Your Business Money

A well-maintained fleet of business vehicles can make a huge difference in the bottom line for your business. When a vehicle is in better shape it will obviously require fewer repairs but it also saves money by having less accidents, using less fuel, and missing out on fewer jobs or deliveries.

Whether you?re a small business owner with two trucks or you manage a fleet of hundreds, here are 7 great tips to save money with your vehicle fleet:

1) Regular Brake Inspections

When it comes to avoiding car accidents and unnecessary damage to your fleet vehicles, there aren?t too many parts that are more important than the brakes. Make sure they’re in good condition regularly and keep your trucks and employees safe.

2) Regular Oil Changes

If you want your vehicles to run well for years, making sure you keep to a regular oil change schedule will make a huge difference. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to?be sure you?re using the right?type and viscosity of oil.

3) Frequent Washing and Detailing

If your vehicles are kept clean they?ll stay in better shape through the years and will have a higher resale value when you want to get rid of them. Also, when your vehicles look nicer your employees will take care of them and drive safer. It may also help you get more business since a clean vehicle says a lot about the quality of your work.

4) Regular Bulb Inspections

Since commercial vehicles aren?t driven at night as frequently as personal vehicles it can take longer to recognize a faulty light and you don?t want your drivers to find out in the middle of a dangerous weather situation. Check your turn signals often?because proper signaling is a good way to avoid accidents.

5) Maintain Appropriate Tire Pressure

Having the right pressure in your tires will improve gas mileage, decrease wear and tear on the engine, and will make your vehicles easier to control in dangerous driving situations. Tire pressure could directly affect whether you need to file a commercial vehicle insurance claim this year.

6) Regular Alignment Checks

A proper tire alignment will help you go longer between tire replacements and will reduce unnecessary wear on the engine. Make?sure your drivers are trained to alert you of vehicles that are out of alignment between inspections.

7) Regular Fluid Checks

Having the appropriate amount and quality of fluids in your vehicle is imperative for the life of your engine. Many of the most?expensive repairs can be identified early and avoided entirely through regular fluid checks.

Your business takes on a lot of risk with every commercial vehicle you put on the road. Keeping your business and employees safe involves proper maintenance and appropriate insurance coverage too. Contact your local Velox agency or give us a call at 1-866-GoVelox for a commercial auto insurance quote and let’s see how much more money we can save you.

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