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5 Ways Women Can Save on Car Insurance in Georgia

Georgia is among the states that consider gender when it comes to insurance premiums. Under 30 years old, men pay more for insurance than women do. But after that many carriers even out the rates between sexes. However, there are ways in which women can reduce their premiums.

Cheap-to-insure Vehicles

Your rates are affected by the type of vehicle you own. They are also based on the car model’s history, including claims history, theft rates, and repair costs. Among the cheapest vehicles to insure are minivans and small- to medium-sized SUVs.

Improve your Credit Score

Your credit history helps determine your auto insurance rate. Those with poor credit history get higher premiums. Thus, to lower it, you need to improve your credit.


Ask your agent what discounts you qualify for. You may get discounts through getting multiple policies, paying in full, insuring multiple vehicles, or installing safety devices. If you?ve taken safety driving courses, you might want to mention that to your agent.


If your car is the latest model, you might want to get comprehensive and collision insurance. While they may not be required when driving in Georgia, the financing company might still require you to purchase it but you can reduce your premiums by choosing a higher deductible.

Note that the state of Georgia requires you to have liability coverage. Although they have a specified a minimum amount, it is important not to skimp on it because the minimum amount isn?t enough to protect you financially after an accident and the additional expense of higher coverage is not very much..

Drive Smart

Being a smart driver by having a clean driving record will give you better insurance rates. Here are some tips:

  • Enroll in a defensive driving class. You?ll be taught strategies to avoid accidents.
  • Use cruise control on the highway when there is only light traffic. This will keep your speed at or under the limit.
  • Do not use your mobile phone while driving.
  • Adjust your driving habits when there?s snow or storm.

Gender-based rates can be offset with smart car insurance decisions. Remember not to buy too little coverage to reduce your premiums, but don?t pay more than you must either.

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