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5 Tips To Protect Your Car From Flood Water Damage

Thousands of cars are vulnerable to water damage every year. Water damage can ruin upholstery, cause engine problems, destroy electronic devices, and can lead to molds, rust, and horrible smelling interiors. It’s crucial that car owners protect their car from floods and water damage. Here are five tips you should know, on how to do this:

Make sure your car is sealed tight when a storm is coming, and your vehicle is parked outside. Make sure the sunroof and doors are shut and roll up the windows. Your car’s interior can be damaged if water gets in. It can also cause it to smell and lead to molds growing. Make sure that any cracks in the windows are repaired or sealed before a storm hits. Even a minuscule crack can let moisture in and cause problems.

Head to high ground if you hear that a storm is on the way. Parking your vehicle in high areas will help you avoid floods that could form in low-lying places. It protects your car’s undercarriage and prevents rust from developing.

Pools of water are bound to develop during and after storms. Try to avoid plowing through them. Keep an eye out for them when you’re on the road and if you do encounter them, gauge how deep they are. If it appears that the water will reach your car’s undercarriage or another vulnerable place, do not push through and look for an alternate route. If you have no choice, drive through them but keep a slow and steady speed when you do. Make sure you do not stop as it could cause water to get inside your car.

Do not follow or cross other cars as this could lead you to divert from your projected trajectory. Large vehicles are particularly dangerous as they can create waves. It will push water higher and cause it to enter your car.

If there’s no other choice, go through water but make sure you keep your car’s engine revving. It will prevent water from being sucked into the exhaust. Accelerating up to 4 to 5 mph can produce a small wave that will safeguard your engine from the worst of the flood.

Do not underestimate the damage floods can wreak on your car. Aside from taking the necessary steps to protect your car, make sure you also have good car insurance.

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