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3 Things Every Guy Needs in the Glove Compartment

Ideally, your glove compartment would be filled with essential items like manuals and spare ties. But in real life, glove compartments are full of ketchup packets, receipts, and other useless junk. With summer already here, you may have plans to go on a road trip with loved ones and friends and preparation is the key to avoiding disaster.

For car owners like you, that means you need to make sure that you can find only the most essential items in your glove compartment. You can never be too sure that your summer trip won?t take a turn for the worse, right? Here are some of the things you should have in your glove compartment.

Survival Manual

You may be capable of starting a bonfire with twigs and some newspaper or catching a fish with a rod, but can you identify edible plants in the wild or set a snare trap? Keep a survival manual in your glove box in case you get stranded in the mountains or forest. You never know when you?ll need it.

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Hand-crank Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger

Although it?s mainly a good thing that a lot of time passes by between usage of emergency kits, the downside is that batteries get drained when not used. And that?s the last thing you want to encounter when you need to see under the hood in the middle of the night. There are hand-cranking flashlights nowadays that come with a built-in USB charger for mobile devices and a red light for emergencies. These devices could literally be a life-saver that belongs in your glove compartment.

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Cutlery Set

Having a sturdy pocket knife handy is very useful. Add a folding fork and spoon to that and you?ll be able to tackle everything from takeout to filleting a fish. A cutlery set can prove to be essential not only during emergencies, but also when you go camping. So keep one in your glove compartment.

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Your glove box cannot store that much, so you better keep important things in them. While this list is only limited, there are a lot of important stuff you can store in case of emergencies. When your glove box is full already, you can always store some of your emergency items in the trunk.

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