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3 Safety Tips When Riding an ATV

All-Terrain Vehicles or ATV are types of bike used for off-road recreational adventures. It is composed of four huge tires and a motor in a sturdy body that is suitable for all-weather terrain adventure. It weighs at least 800 pounds and has a speed of 50 mph or sometimes more.

ATVs are fun to ride but it takes a little bit of safety precaution especially for kids ages eight and above. Sometimes, ATVs can be hard to control especially if the road is wet or muddy and injuries can be inevitable.

Since there are several injuries or damages that can occur while riding the ATV, here are three of the best safety tips to consider before riding one:

  1. Choose the right helmet

Helmets can be durable and in a very good condition but sometimes it does not suit your head. Helmets are protective gears that you put on to secure your head from any bumps or pressure in case you caught an accident along the way.

Choosing the right helmet means that it should be best to use in the off-road feat. A regular bike helmet cannot be used in extreme sports activities. Thus, the latter needs a thicker and harder one. Also, be sure that the helmet fits right on your head – not too big nor not too small.

  1. Invest in the right clothing

It sure is obvious that what you wear in swimming should be not worn in any off-road adventure. This is to save you from skin injuries and lets you be comfortable while riding the ATV.

It also pays to invest in other gears such as elbow pads, knee pads, protective vest, and the right shoes. ATV-riding requires rubber shoes or hiking shoes.

  1. Follow the rules

Rules are made to be followed as this will lead you to a safer and hassle-free ride. To keep you guided, here are two of the ATV-riding rules you should keep in mind:

  • Ride at a safe speed. Riding an ATV can be positively overwhelming but always remember the moderate the speed, the better.
  • No more than one passenger in a single-made ATV. A single-made ATV limits its passenger to one so it won’t overload. As a precautionary measure, there should only be one person on this kind of  ATV.

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