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Is Car Insurance Worth it?

Have you ever wondered if all that money you’re forking over for car insurance is really doing you any good? After all, you’re a good driver. You’ve been on the road for a few years now, and you’ve never had an accident. You’ve been involved in a few fender benders, but nothing to justify filing …

Person worried about not having Auto Insurance

You Should Never Drive Without Insurance. Here’s Why:

All U.S. states require drivers to maintain active auto insurance policies. The only exceptions are New Hampshire and Virginia. 1. It’s Illegal Driving without insurance in states that require it can result in expensive, damaging and inconvenient consequences. Punishments vary by state, and some states impose stricter penalties than others. You might receive a high-priced …

Person holding insurance plan A on one hand and insurance plan b on other hand

How to Choose an Auto Insurance Plan

Evaluating Various Features and Many Options That Can Optimize Your Auto Insurance Plan When you are searching for an auto insurance plan, you can examine the deductibles, the collision insurance, the comprehensive insurance, several types of discounts, and extra features that could benefit many drivers. Customizing the Deductibles While you are examining several insurance plans, …

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