motorcycle insurance paperwork

How Georgia Motorcycle Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

Being a motorcycle owner definitely has its perks, but with it comes certain responsibilities, such as having enough motorcycle insurance to protect you and your bike.  As you compare quotes for Georgia motorcycle insurance premiums, you might be wondering where they come up with all those numbers. Insurance companies use information about you and your …

person putting blank license on front of car

Do You Need Commercial Plates If You Have Commercial Insurance in Georgia?

If you own a business, then you’ve probably already wondered about what commercial vehicle insurance is and whether you need it. While most vehicles need commercial insurance when they’re being used for business, the answer is less clear for commercial plates. Does getting commercial vehicle insurance always mean you need commercial plates?  This article explains …

flood damage inside home

Does Renters Insurance Cover Sinkhole and Flood Damage in Georgia?

If you’re moving into a new apartment or rental home in Georgia, you’re probably already aware of the dangers of hailstorms, tornadoes, and other common types of inclement weather in these states. Fortunately, there’s renters insurance to protect you and your property from these damaging storms.  But does renters insurance protect against all kinds of …

couple stranded on side of road by dead car

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Stranded with a Dead Car in Georgia

Warning lights flash all over your dashboard. The engine sputters. Gears grind. Then…nothing. You’re stranded at the side of the road and, of course, it’s the middle of the night.  If you’re a parent, it’s your worst nightmare. If you’re the driver of the disabled vehicle, you probably can’t stop thinking, “If only I had…”  …

young couple moving furniture into apartment

Do I Need Replacement Cost or Actual Cost Renters Insurance in Georgia?

In most situations, we recommend replacement cost renters insurance coverage for Peach State residents who rent their living spaces. But both forms of claims payment—replacement and actual cost—have advantages and possible drawbacks.  Let’s start with an explanation of both options and explore the reasons why one or the other might be the better choice for …

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