Happy young man accepts a package for his delivery business

7 Commercial Insurance Tips Every Georgia Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Your goals as a new entrepreneur include building a profitable business, accomplishing product-market fit, and building sustainable operations that can contend with diverse economic conditions.  Another important decision is getting the right kind of business insurance. Even experienced owners may see this as a daunting topic!  To help you better understand the rationale for protecting …

Happy young couple relaxes outside their RV

8 Reasons to Get Better RV Insurance Before Your Next Adventure in Georgia

Planning a Georgia RV adventure? Don’t forget to double-check that you have the right type and amount of RV insurance for your trip!  From the beautiful Historic District of Savannah to the incredible views from the top of Lookout Mountain on the Georgia-Tennessee border, Georgia has much to offer travelers.  While you might not think …

Upset African American man on phone looking at car wreck

4 Reasons You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage in Georgia

It’s legal in Georgia to carry an auto insurance policy that doesn’t include comprehensive coverage. But should you? We’ve got four reasons (among others) you should at least ask your independent insurance agent to provide you with a cost quote for comprehensive coverage.  But before that, let’s answer what might be your first and very basic …

Mobile home park in green grass

This Spring Is the Right Time to Scope Out Mobile Home Insurance Coverage in Georgia

Spring means new beginnings in the Peach State and, well, just about everywhere. That’s what makes the season a great time to consider mobile home insurance for your residence if you don’t already have a protective policy or are thinking about switching carriers.  Most lenders and even many mobile home park property owners require you …

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