Surprised man

Surprising Factors that May Influence Your Car Insurance Rates

Many drivers are surprised when they realize that there are other factors that can influence their car insurance rates aside from their driving record and credit score. While these two factors have a large affect on your car insurance premiums, there are other lesser-known influences that may be driving your car insurance rates. Gender Though …

Commercial vehicle on the street

What Does Commercial Auto Mean?

When looking to start a business that includes travel or transportation, you may often hear the term “commercial auto” or “commercial vehicle.” Both refer to vehicles specifically used for work purposes. These are generally not personal vehicles, but trucks and such that are used for specific work. Types of Commercial Vehicles There are many different …

Woman wondering about personal or commercial auto insurance

What is the Difference Between Personal Auto Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance?

No matter what vehicle you drive, auto insurance is required in order to operate legally on the road. But there are many different policies to choose from, and not all of them are right for you. Personal auto insurance is the most common type of auto insurance that every driver operating a personal vehicle carries. …

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