Important Facts About Homeowners Insurance and Mold Damage

In the past years, a growing number of residents in Texas are now concerned about the mold in their businesses and homes. Here, we will give you general information regarding mold and how the insurers respond to mold problems. This information applies to homeowners, businesspeople, renters, and owners of condominiums.


Safety Reminders: Decorating For Halloween

October is here! And it’s time for scare pranks, spooky costumes, and haunted houses. It’s that time of the year where we anticipate the spookiest holiday. Younger ones get busy thinking what to wear to costume parties. Kids get excited for trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, homeowners busy themselves with Halloween decorations.


Why You May Need Flood Insurance

Where there?s rain, there?s a possibility of a flood. While flood insurance is required for those living in flood-prone areas, others should consider getting it too. Flash flooding due to intense storms can cause significant damages to your property. In fact, it can easily be destroyed to the point that you will need to rebuild …

Avoiding the 4 Most Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

Avoiding the 4 Most Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

There’s little doubt?that when it comes to investments, most people consider their home to be their biggest. You spend?thousands of dollars a year not only on maintaining the property itself but also on mortgage payments, taxes, insurance ?and even the furniture that you have to put in. Having the right?homeowners insurance?is obviously extremely important in …

Condo Insurance vs. Home Insurance - What's the Difference?

Condo Insurance vs. Home Insurance – What’s the Difference?

A key difference between owning a condo or a home is what you’re responsible for insuring. When you purchase a home you’re responsible for the inside and outside of the building structure along with the land surrounding it. With condos’ you’re typically only responsible for the inside of your living space.

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