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7 Commercial Insurance Tips Every Georgia Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Your goals as a new entrepreneur include building a profitable business, accomplishing product-market fit, and building sustainable operations that can contend with diverse economic conditions.  Another important decision is getting the right kind of business insurance. Even experienced owners may see this as a daunting topic!  To help you better understand the rationale for protecting …

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5 Commercial Auto Insurance Benefits Most Entrepreneurs in Georgia Don’t Know About

Whether you own a food truck in Atlanta, an antique store in Savannah, a landscaping business in Augusta, or a number of other professions in the Peachtree State, you might need commercial auto insurance in Georgia.  Although entrepreneurs typically like risks, your auto insurance is not the place to take them. So, if you’re doing …

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Do You Need Commercial Plates If You Have Commercial Insurance in Georgia?

If you own a business, then you’ve probably already wondered about what commercial vehicle insurance is and whether you need it. While most vehicles need commercial insurance when they’re being used for business, the answer is less clear for commercial plates. Does getting commercial vehicle insurance always mean you need commercial plates?  This article explains …

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7 Factors That Determine How Commercial Auto Insurance in Georgia is Calculated?

If you’re responsible for the commercial vehicles at your Georgia business, it’s critical to know how your commercial auto insurance rates are calculated. With this information, you and your auto insurance agent can work together to find the most affordable rates to meet the demands of your fleet or individual vehicle. That’s important whether your …

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Consider Additional Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Commercial auto insurance is a useful policy designed to protect the vehicles owned or used by your business for work purposes. However, a basic commercial auto insurance policy will not cover everything. Your typical full coverage commercial auto insurance policy may include: Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage provides compensation for damages to the vehicle caused by …

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